Please note: we are no longer situated in Terminal 3, Concourse C due to renovations. For any bookings made it will be for our Concourse D Terminal 1 location. For any further inquiries on this matter please email Snoozecube team: info.td@snoozecube.com.

Message from CEO

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like what we are doing, and want this to be an essential service please let airports know so Snoozecube can continue to bring this essential service to you around the world. and please make your comments this will help Snoozecube to be at your continued service in airports around the world.

Kindest Regards
Larry Swann
Founder/ C.E.O.

Turn up the feel good and book a Snoozecube!

SnoozeCubes offer a perfect example of what happens when you take an innovative approach to the ever growing demand of international travelers visiting the most crowded places in the world.

Passengers facing flight delays, cancellations or long transits at Dubai International Airport now have the option to rent out a micro-hotel room right inside the terminal.

Our SnoozeCubes provide the perfect space for passengers looking for extra privacy, a step up in comfort from terminal seating and somewhere to lay their head. We currently have 13 units in concourse D (Terminal 1) at Dubai international airport, they are already proving to be a major service provider. We take a minimalist approach to design with an emphasis on function. There is enough room to for a bed, touchscreen TV offering music and movies and room to hang your coat and store your carry-on luggage.